Our patients love to share with others the significant experience from their treatment at Advantage Healthcare by Dr. Robin Ivey, the Spartanburg chiropractor. We encourage you to listen to some of our video testimonials and/or to read some written testimonials to experience the life changing treatment received from Dr. Ivey. The stories they share reveal how their lives were restored. Through their testimonials patients explain how they were able to return to work, exercise and other recreational activity through the diverse treatment they received at Advantage. If restoration to a full on active life is what you want call us at 574-6840 right away. Lets get started today on eliminating your pain and restoring your life.
  • Monica Duris

    "I suffered with back pain for years. I think it started with a fall in 2009 when I fell full force onto my tailbone. I had episodes over the years where I would have to lay flat on my back using heat or ice and Advil until the symptoms subsided enough to go about my life, but those episodes were increasing in frequency over the last year. The first day I went to Advantage Healthcare I couldn't even sit on the treatment table. I had to lean against it due to the pain I was in. After 2 months of treatment, I feel so much better than I have felt in years. I feel strong and I don't suffer from any pain. The doctors and staff at Advantage Healthcare are just wonderful. I have told so many people about how much they have done for me. My daughter told a co-worker of hers at the Sleep Lab at North Grove how much they helped me and that co-worker is now a very happy satisfied patient at Advantage Healthcare also. A co-worker of mine also plans to come to the office soon for evaluation.

    The staff and doctors are some of the most friendly, compassionate people I've ever had the chance to deal with and would recommend Advantage Healthcare to everyone. Thank you for helping me."

  • Anne Rainey

    “I was in the hospital with severe pain. After all kinds of test, they couldn’t explain what I had and discharged me. Two days later the pain returned and after suffering I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Dr. Ivey at Advantage Healthcare. I’d never been to a chiropractor before.

    The first day I was in agony. The 2nd day I felt a little better and my 3rd visit I could do without pain medication. The relief I felt is EUPHORIC. I would recommend Dr. Ivey to everyone that can’t get relief.

    I will keep coming back as long as needed. THANK YOU.”

  • Eddie Phillips

    “Many years ago during hurricane Hugo, I hurt my back helping people in Monks Corner. Over the years I suffered pain thinking I had to put up with it.

    My daughter was a patient of Dr. Ivey with back and leg pain. She kept getting better and better. I decided to give him a try. It was a great decision.

    After my treatments began I noticed I was having less pain. Every week was better and better. I am half way through my treatment plan and almost pain free.

    Dr. Ivey and staff are a great place to go for treatment. Unlike most Dr. Offices and staff I would recommend Dr. Ivey and staff for anyone who is suffering for any type of joint and muscle pain.”

  • Marilyn Miller

    “For almost six months I was having moderately severe neck pain with stiffness. The pain was constantly dull and achy. I also suffered migraine headaches occasionally. I tried heating pads and pain relieving medication to help the pain. It wasn’t until I went to Advantage Healthcare and received chiropractic treatment that I experienced total relief! After two months of treatment I have full range of motion in my neck and no pain. I see my chiropractor regularly, once a week now. The doctors and staff at Advantage Healthcare are very friendly and helpful. Because of that, I have recommended them to my friends and family.”

  • Barbara Estep

    “I have had problems with my neck and lower back for many years. The problem this time started with severe muscle spasms in my right shoulder. I went to my medical doctor and he prescribed muscle relaxers and pain pills, which helped for a few days, but then the pain was back. I was slowing down and having trouble getting up and down from a chair. So, I decided to try a chiropractor, and my neighbor recommended Advantage Healthcare. Since I have been coming to Advantage Healthcare the pain in my shoulder is gone, without any medication, and I am walking with a much smoother gait.

    The doctors, office staff, and therapists are all great. I would highly recommend Advantage Healthcare to anyone!”

  • Catherine Geanette

    “I have been receiving chiropractic care for 25 years- in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and now here in South Carolina. When I first called Advantage Healthcare after a car accident I felt so cared for, from the girls up front, to the therapists and doctors. Then I got shingles and could barely move, and all these kind folks helped me again. Especially Dr. Robin Ivey, who knows how to fix what hurts without even telling him. He is truly the best chiropractor I have ever been to and the whole staff is the greatest- they truly care!”

  • Cheri Nolen

    “Advantage Healthcare is a wonderful, kind, gentle, and therapeutic atmosphere where I am getting the best treatment I have ever received. I first came to Advantage Healthcare with severe symptoms of TMJ disorder which is extremely painful. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they immediately started treatment on my jaw and giving me home care instructions like what to eat and how to sleep at night. After one week I was already feeling better. I was re-evaluated about 3 weeks later and with x-rays I discovered I have severe scoliosis. I am now being treated for both problems and I am feeling so much better! I can’t believe how long I let people tell me that chiropractic wouldn’t help. They have helped me so much, and I recommend them to everyone!”

  • Harrison Foster

    “I thank God for my wife who led me to Advantage Healthcare, because she knew they could help me. I was having a problem with my hip and leg, and had been for over a year. I had previously gone through a series of shots which gave me relief for a few days, and then the pain returned. The last shot treatment that I had lasted 2 weeks and my doctor suggested that I have surgery, which is something that I did not want to do. My pain got worse after I lifted a couch and aggravated my hip. I went to several doctors and then finally came to Advantage Healthcare. Now I’m on the way to full recovery and wellness. After this experience, I would definitely recommend Advantage Healthcare to my family and friends.”

  • Tim Hutchins

    “There was a time when I had a migraine headache that lasted six days. I would go to sleep every night hoping that I would feel better in the morning. I would wake up and the pain would be worse. I went to the hospital. They gave me all types of strong medicine, and then sent me home. I still didn’t get any better, so I went back to the hospital again. They ran all kinds of extensive tests and kept me overnight. When I woke up the next morning I was still in pain. I was fed up and decided to go to Advantage Healthcare. The doctor took x-rays and did therapy treatment on my neck. After my treatment I was completely pain free. Finally, after six days, no headache! I couldn’t believe it. I’m very grateful to Advantage Healthcare for helping me.”

  • Jeanette Alderman

    “My neurologist diagnosed me with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia approximately 4 years ago. I had been in pain for several years prior to that but it had gotten to the point where I had to quit my job. I worked long hours in home care which required a lot of traveling. At that time I was also raising 4 teenagers. When I started my treatment with Advantage Healthcare I started feeling better within the first four weeks of my treatment. I made a decision to stop my treatment because I thought I was doing better. I was wrong. Over the course of a year I suffered because the pain had returned. The pain was so bad; my husband would have to lift me up out of the bed. I came back to Advantage Healthcare and within one week I was able to shop for half a day and pick up my three month old grandson. Everyone in my family and my church members has asked me, “What fountain of youth did I find.” I tell them about the wonderful doctors and staff at Advantage Healthcare. They show that they care from the moment you walk in the door until you leave. It’s a very pleasant experience. I think this is something that is going to make a difference for the rest of my life. I feel like living it now!”
  • Shirlean Jones

    “I was in a car accident about 3 years ago. After the accident I was having severe pain in my legs. I went to Advantage Healthcare to see if chiropractic treatment would help me. Sure enough, it did! The pain in my legs has significantly decreased. I am so happy that Advantage Healthcare was able to help me.”

  • Anita Kennedy

    “I started having problems with my hips after the birth of my frist child. During labor she broke her collar bonme which cased my pelvis to shift. These problems resurfaced six months into my second pregnancy. My hips would “catch” and I would have pain shooting down my legs. I couldn’t get out of ben in the morning. I would have to scoot my feet and hod on to the side of the bed to get up and put my clothes on. Not only that, but about a week ago I woke up with a horrible headache. I came to Advantage Healthcare to see if they could help me. After receiving one treatment, the headache was completely gone. I have been impressed with how chiropractic has helped and given immediate results. I have tried hot baths, heating pads, and medications… none of which helped, but chiropractic care has helped significantly. The pain in my hips has been relieved and I am also able to sleep better at nighttime. I don’t think I could have survived this pregnancy without chiropractic.”

  • Trapper Fry

    “I was referred to Advantage Healthcare by a client when my back gave out in Arkansas while I was duck hunting. I was a bit skeptical because I have had back pain for the better part of 20 years and have had very little benefit from other treatment. But, this particular time the pain had affected my legs and I could not walk upright or sleep in my bed. I had to push a stool with wheels to get around. I was fearful that I might not be able to continue my business as a dog trainer, and therefore, was willing to try anything. On the first visit I rolled myself into the office. The staff was great! They got me in right away and had a very positive attitude that they would be able to help me. My MRI results showed that I have five bulging discs as well as a few other problems, which made me a good candidate for the DRX 9000™ treatment. After my first treatment I was able to stand upright without the tremendous pain, but I still had very little movement in my lower legs. I was able to sleep in my bed which I had not been able to sleep in for the previous three weeks. By the end of the first week of treatment I was able to slowly go back to the field with my dogs. After completing my treatment I can say that I cannot remember a time when I was this pain-free. To my way of thinking, the DRX 9000™ is a no-brainer for anyone with back pain. I have told many of my clients and friends who have had back surgery but still have back pain, to try the DRX 9000™ treatment. Trust me, the DRX 9000™ and Advantage Healthcare were the best investments I have ever made. Now I can run my business and get back to my life, free of back pain.”

  • Devin Davis

    “A friend of mine recommended me to Advantage Healthcare. I came because of scoliosis in my back, but I also came because I was having headaches on a daily basis. There were days when I couldn’t leave the house because of the headaches. The pain in my neck and head was so bad that any movement of my head brought tears to my eyes. I tried every over the counter medication and I was also given prescription medication as well. None of those helped. After three weeks of chiropractic treatment and physical therapy I noticed that my headaches had decreased. About two months ago I realized that I hadn’t had a headache in weeks! It was amazing. I had always thought that headaches were a normal part of daily life. I am glad I came to Advantage Healthcare. Everyone treats you with kindness and genuinely cares about how you are feeling. I recommend Advantage Healthcare to anyone who is suffering from headaches or any other pain.”

  • Gennia Foster

    “I started having problems with my hips during the birth of my fifth child. After labor, I experienced numbness in my leg and have so ever since. I couldn’t stand too long or even walk for exercise without pain. I also experienced constant pain in my neck and shoulders. There were days I couldn’t do anything but cry because the pain was so severe. The pain even affected my attitude. I was very short and irritable with my co-workers. At work I was unable to use my arms and hands to do my job. There was even a time when I couldn’t turn my head. I went to several doctors and tried all types of medicine. I had to take medicine for pain and to help me sleep. Since I’ve been coming to Advantage Healthcare, I have not had any more pain in my hips and leg. My neck and shoulders are so much better. I can sleep, I’m able to work without pain, and I’ve started exercising again. I’m so happy now.”

  • Donald West

    “For the last four to five years I’ve had severe Sciatica nerve problems radiating from my lower back all the way down to my feet. I learned that I had bulging and collapsed discs in my low back and my spine was significantly crooked. The pain that I experienced was so bad that I walked stooped over and had to use a cane to walk. I went to several doctors and spent thousands of dollars with no improvement. I was introduced to the DRX 9000™ and decided to begin the treatment program. After eight to nine visits I was walking without the cane…without stooping over…and with half the pain! Upon completion of the DRX 9000™ treatment program, I can now stand up straight, six feet tall, and PAIN-FREE! I thought I was bound for a wheel chair until the DRX9000™ came along. Now I am enjoying life and my favorite activities again. Thanks to the staff at Advantage Healthcare for giving me back my life…PAIN FREE!”

  • Vivian Hayes

    “I have had low back pain most of my life due to my left leg being 2 inches shorter than the other. Through the years, working as a registered nurse didn’t help this condition. I was diagnosed with bulging discs in 1987 and told there was nothing that could be done. In 2004 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with spinal stenosis and several ruptured discs on the left side of the spine. I could not stand upright due to the spine pinching the spinal cord and the ruptured disc caused severe pain. I experienced pain in my back radiating into my left leg which caused numbness in my leg. I had no quality of life. Then I read about back pain relief treatment without surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. Robin Ivey at Advantage Healthcare and he told me about the new DRX 9000™ and how it is designed to help and treat low back pain. After discussion and much thought I decided to try it because I was desperate and the pain was intolerable. I have never had anything help me as much as the DRX 9000™. After only a few treatments I could stand up straight and I was feeling better. Now, I can stand straight up and am able to do many things I could not do before. I even worked in my yard last week! The doctors and staff of Advantage Healthcare are loving and caring. I would recommend them and the new DRX9000™ treatment to anyone!”

  • Michael Sims

    "I was doing lifting weights one day and turned my neck the wrong way and I felt a sharp deep pain in my upper back and neck. I waited a couple of days thinking it was just a crick in my neck and get better but it didn't. I was having muscle spasms and I was out of line pretty bad. I decided to go to Advantage Healthcare and they took x-rays and confirmed all of this. I started doing all of the therapy they offered and getting adjustments. Now I have no pain at all. I now follow a basic maintenance plan to keep my body in line and pain free. This has truly been a blessing to me. The whole staff and Dr. Ivey are awesome and very nice. I would recommend anyone to this facility."

  • William Welchel

    "I got up on a Friday night to walk across a room to put in a DVD and I felt a tremendous pain in my back. This pain was so bad that I could not even walk across the room then I experienced numbness down my left leg. This pain has been the most crucial pain I have felt in my sixty years of life. I remained in pain for 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I could not even do my regular activities throughout the day. I went to my primary care doctor and they prescribed muscle relaxers but it did not even begin to make the pain go away.

    After getting no better, I found Advantage Healthcare and the wonderful doctors and staff. The staff was tremendously nice and the doctors showed they really cared about me and how I was progressing. The doctor would come by and check on me during each of my visit to make sure of how I was doing. The doctor and staff exceeded my expectations by showing they truly care about me. They went above and beyond, giving 110%. Advantage Healthcare is above any other place I have ever been. After the end of the first week I had gotten rid of the tremendous pain. This allowed me to go back to work after 4 weeks, able to walk and sleep better and to get on with my activities. I constantly recommend Advantage Healthcare to my family and friends after the treatment I received there."

  • Susan Laffin

    "My name is Susan Laffin. I am 65 years old, very young. I have been very active all of my life. I am an artist, mother, grandmother, and wife. I use my hands. I paint, sew, and bake. I have abused my hands without my knowledge.

    Adding stress, a lot of stress I developed carpel tunnel in both of my hands! This is very painful, numb fingers and tingles too.

    I went to my family doctor, then to see a surgeon, and while waiting I called Dr. Ivey. I have been working with Dr. Ivey since July 2011. I have seen him three times a week, two times a week, once a week. I did keep my appointment with the surgeon. He did inject both hands with cortisone. I know that helped immediately no pain, but still had numbness and tingling.

    I did not stop seeing Dr. Ivey and his great staff. I cannot say enough about the quality of treatment. The entire staff has always greeted me with a smile and kind words. I have new friends.

    I had stopped doing everything. I couldn't even button my shirt. Brushing my teeth was a chore. I could not write or paint. Holding a tea cup was difficult. At one point my hands hurt so that I needed to be walking or moving my arms. Anything stressful, happy, or sad would trigger pain and numbness.

    Dr. Ivey I would recommend to any family member or friend. My husband does not agree with this profession. I have seen results with myself, and also four years ago with my 85 year old mother.

    Dr. Ivey is treating my whole body. It is all connected, fix one part and work with the whole.

    To Dr. Ivey and his staff I say thank you. This week I painted after months of not touching a pen or brush. I'm careful; I know what will be good to do and what will not. I'm doing the simple exercises and I will continue to maintain what Dr. Ivey and his staff have helped me to learn to do."

  • Frances Traynham

    “My testimony is 100% praise for Dr. Ivey and his staff. I had a bad fall and tried to brace myself with my arms. The doctor I went to X-rayed my shoulder and told me it wasn’t broken. He sent with home with a prescription for pain pills.

    I had seen and heard good things about Dr. Ivey so I walked in and asked if they could see me. Immediately I was x-rayed and was told that I had pinched a nerve. After three times a week for two months I had no more pain. It works, you should try it.”

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