Spinal Adjustments and DRX Back Treatment


As a chiropractor my goal is to eliminate a patient’s pain and restore their health. Spinal adjustments are given by me either by hand or by instrumentation which ever is determined to bring about the best result. The spinal adjustment is given with the purposes of relieving your pain and restoring the normal functioning of your body.

The pain a person may be feeling can be caused by a traumatic accident (automobile, slip or fall, sports injury), awkward movement or positioning (pushing or pulling, lifting, repetitive bending, abnormal torquing of the body / spine) or even regular daily activity like extended sitting or standing all day.

Such incidents will result in muscle strains/sprains, muscle spasms, pinched nerves, misaligned vertebrae, limited mobility, extreme tenderness, inability to sleep, or sit, walk or stand.

After a thorough consultation, examination and X-rays (if needed) are completed, Dr Ivey will begin treatment with the proper therapy and spinal adjustments in the misaligned spinal areas to eliminate your pain and restore your health.

The DRX 9000 Back Treatment is specifically for patients with herniated discs or bulging discs, failed back surgeries or chronic back pain that has not been responsive to any treatment or medication. This is a special advanced program that has exceeded all other types of programs in the restoration of the low back. We encourage you to call us and come in to check out our video program about the benefits of DRX in the full restoration of your low back. Check out the testimonials about the benefits of the DRX treatments.