Therapeutic Massage


“Oh my gosh that was incredible, That was the best massage I’ve ever had and I’ve been all over the world, I’ve slept like a baby ever since, Let’s do it again only longer, All your massage therapists are so good can I take one home with me, I will never go anywhere else”. . . . those are just a few of the patient remarks they have shared with Dr Ivey after receiving a massage from our massage therapists.

Yes our certified massage therapists are exceptional and yes you won’t be the same after receiving one of our intensive and thorough sessions. Whether you choose a gentle yet stimulating Swedish massage, the out of body experience of the relaxing hot stone massage or the invigorating never be the same all out deep tissue massage. . . . you will be different.

These massages are designed to remove the stress of your day, reduce the muscle tension triggered by work, its coworkers, events and demands on you, they will trigger a smooth blood flow throughout your body and release the powerful “I feel good” endorphin hormones within your body. With this “all out turn the body on” body restoration approach by our massage therapists will aid significantly in the obtainment of your optimal health.