Why Us?

Why not ADVANTAGE HEALTHCARE!?! We change lives, eliminate pain, and return our patients to a quality of life previously enjoyed and experienced. Any doubts? Just go watch and listen to a few of the powerful video testimonials we have placed on our website. Or go to the TESTIMONIAL page and read a few of our written testimonials as patients share how Dr. Ivey and his staff have eliminated their pain and changed their lives.

Many of his patients call him “My Life Changer” or “Dr. Feel Good.” These testimonials are only a few of the hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials Dr. Ivey has received over the 20+ years of providing “pain-relieving” service to the people of Spartanburg county and beyond. As you read or watch these patients share with you the life changing benefits of their treatment, think about the hugh differences you could experience by allowing Dr. Ivey to eliminate your pain.

From the moment you call our office or walk in the front door, you will be treated with uniqueness and the utmost dedication to eliminate your pain and restore your optimum health. We understand you may be hurting and experiencing the intensity of pain that alters the vital abilities needed for work, play, training time, family activity, sleeping, and even your volunteer services. We are a united team working together to eliminate your pain.

So WHY US? We change lives daily, and we are looking forward to changing your life. There is no one like Dr. Robin Ivey and his team of trained professionals in regards to their enthusiasm for service, vast experience, and commitment to changing lives. Come experience a changed life with us today.