Your First Visit

We want you to feel confident knowing that from your very first visit, you will be treated not only with the most technologically-advanced protocols, but also with personal compassion from a team of “patients-first” professionals who sincerely care about each and every patient’s health and well-being.


When you enter our office, you will be welcomed with a friendly and caring smile by one of our front CA’s Tina or Beth.

You will receive a few forms to complete so that we may gain valuable and insightful knowledge of your past and present health history.

Once the paperwork is complete, you will be led by our patient coordinator, Beth, in for a quick review of your health issues and completed forms. This process ensures a smooth and speedy first visit.


You will proceed to a consultation with Dr. Ivey to discuss your health-related concerns such as the onsets of your discomfort, the causes of your pain, and the limitations you may be experiencing in your personal, recreational, and professional life due to your condition.

The purpose of this initial consultation and first visit is to provide Dr. Ivey with a chance to learn more specifics about you, your condition and its effects, and your expected results.

If it is determined that you may be a candidate for our treatment, he will thoroughly discuss with you how chiropractic care can enable you to reach your goals.

Having treated over 38,000+ patients, Dr. Ivey shares with you the need to work together as a team in the correction of your problems.


Following the consultation, Dr. Ivey will perform a thorough chiropractic examination.

He will examine the range of motions of your body as well as perform neurological, orthopedic, postural, body palpation, and physical tests. He will also perform reflex and muscle strength tests to further aid identifying your condition and its cause.

The findings from your examination will determine the areas to be treated as well as the type and length of treatment required to work towards lessening and eliminating your pain.

All findings are evaluated to determine if your condition will require X-Rays. The necessary X-rays will be taken to provide the critical information needed in restoring your health.

X-Ray Studies

Depending upon the findings from the examination or the traumatic effects being experienced, X-rays may be warranted.

These X-rays will alert us to any complicating factors and will allow us to develop the most effective treatment plan for you. After studying the examination and X-ray findings, Dr. Ivey will determine if you are a candidate for our services.

If you are a candidate for our services, Dr. Ivey will explain your condition through the x-rays, setup a pain relieving program, review the treatment requirements, and give an estimated timetable for your treatment and recovery.

If you are not a candidate for our services, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist, or Dr. Ivey will order an MRI, CT scan, or any other needed testing.


Once the initial consultation, examination, and X-rays are completed, you will be introduced to therapies designed to lessen your pain and promote healing within the involved areas.

Treatment could entail any combination of our multiple therapies, including ice or moist heat, interferential electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, therapeutic exercise, intersegmental traction, spinal mobilization, a spinal adjustment, or a soft or deep tissue massage.

A follow-up call will be made to you later that evening to ensure you are following Dr. Ivey’s homecare instructions in order to aid in lessening your pain and restoring your health.

Home Care Instructions

Before you leave the office, Dr. Ivey and staff will recommend home care instructions for you to follow at home. One of the keys to speeding up your recovery time is to strictly follow these recommended instructions.

These home care instructions could include applying ice if you are experiencing pain or moist heat if you’re stiff and can’t move. The instructions may also direct you to avoid certain activities and positions or complete home exercises and stretches.

Our team will be happy to work with you to create healthy habits and routines for your lifestyle. Everyone is unique, and, therefore, each patient requires his or her own specialized plan.

The purpose of our home care program is for our patients to lessen their treatment time, accelerate the recovery of their mobility, aid in lessening their pain intensity, and achieve proper spinal alignment.

We also educate our patients about the importance of an appropriate nutrition plan, proper exercise, and maintaining a positive attitude, as well as inform them of ways to get their life back on track.